The Fluoropolymer Weld Fitting F70 series increases fluid flow by using a heated welding process to produce a flat inner welded surface.

  1. New welding system: Bead-free socket welding by direct heating from outside
    -The F70 series adapts new welding system that is inserted PFA tube into the fitting, welded and heated from the outer circumference of fitting. By inserting the fitting into PFA tube, the F70 series solved the risk of misalignment brought leakage.
  2. Flat inner welded surface
    -The F70 series suppress minimum inside bead, so it increases fluid flow to produce a flat inner welded surface. The F70 series is superior in chemical flush-out performance to reduce a puddle of fluid in piping.
  3. Maintenance free
    -The F70 series has no nuts, so anyone doesn`t need to do maintenance.
  4. Save space and piping weight
    -Equipped with improved strength and much smaller fittings, the F70 series can help reduce weight and save space.
  5. High welding quality and safety without depending on operators
    -This system utilizes exclusive fully automatic welding equipment that anyone can use no matter their experience level. The process of heating / cooling is automation, and it is possible to weld by operating one-touch control. The power unit is equipped with the filter to adsorb gas and suppress scattering gas.
  6. Assemble piping in device
    -The F70 welding machine is compact size. The power unit and welding head are available separately. To carry the welding machine by hand, anyone is possible to do welding operation in device.

*You must take “F70 welding training” before you use this welding machine.

Welding Machine

【Required exclusive tools】
・Power Unit
・Welding Head
・Tube Holder
・Forming Cutter

【Welding Machine】
We are ready to unveil exclusive automatic Welding Machine, so anyone can weld reliably with the button. There is no variation by worker; even beginners can work with confidence. In addition, Welding Machine is equipped filters that adopt fluorine gas. Welding machine is portable sized consisting of the heating heads and the power unit, so welding at apparatus now possible that was impossible by conventional method.