About the protection of personal information

  1. The personal information supplied by our customers through the inquiry forms on website of the Flowell Corporation (hereafter called “our company”) or E-mail is treated under the policy of personal information protection.
  2. Our company will respect the customers’ rights when the customers’ information is acquired, kept, used and disclosed.
  3. Our customers can visit the website of our company without disclosing personal information. When our customers only refer to the website of our company, customers’ information is not collected.
  4. Our company takes appropriate security action to avoid the leakage, loss, damage, or illegal access of customer information.
  5. Our company uses customer information only when it is needed for the following reasons.
    To fulfill contract needs agreed by a customer and our company
    To send an invitation letter to the customer for an exhibition, etc.
  6. Our company will not deliver a customer’s information to a third party without an agreement with the customer in advance. We may deliver the customer’s information without getting a customer’s agreement if it corresponds with the following items.
    In a case where it is required on law
    In a case where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or assets and getting an agreement from customer is difficult.
    In a case where cooperation is requested by a national organization or a local body or consignee of such a body who executes a mission under the law and where getting an agreement from the customer becomes an obstacle to the execution of such a mission.
  7. Our company complies with the law and code related to the handling of personal information and tries continuously to review and improve the protection policy of personal information.

About Cookies

  1. Cookie is a small data file which is written on the hard disk of a visitor to a website. It is used to recognize which webpage that user visited.
    Cookie information is sent/received between websites and internet browsing software, but the cookies written by other web site or other data on the hard disk cannot be read from the web site side.
  2. Cookies are used on many websites and the user can set his or her browser to show whether to use or refuse a cookie when visiting a website.
  3. Our website may use cookies to enrich delivering information or services, or so that our web site can be used more conveniently.