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Introduction to the products of Flowell Corporation
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Fluorocarbon Resin Pliant Tubing

This product is the PFA/PTFE fluoro plastic flexible tube with excellent heat resistance and chemical proof characteristics. It is flexible and strong against degradation and fatigue, and can be used without worrying. As it is half transparent, the contents can be recognised. It's excellent nonadhesive characteristics help to avoid fluif sticking and/or accumulation. At both ends of the tube, our 20 series joints (standard) are attached to avoid disconnection. It is easy to assemble, without the need for a lot of work. (Only the tube can be purchased). According to the application, 4 types are prepared. There is no fluid stagnation in the spiral type and the wave form type has excellent flexibility and stretcihng characteristics.

  • Flexible tube made entirely of fluoro plastics.
  • It is hard to break because it is flexible.
  • The piping is easy because the 20 series joints are set at both ends
  • This product has excellent characteristics against leakage and strong resistance against pulling forces because the joint has an inner diameter ring structure
  • Fluid can be observed because the product is transparent
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