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Introduction to the products of Flowell Corporation
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20,20A Series

Fluorocarbon resin Tube Fittings 20,20A Series hasa unique construction in that the ring is insertedinside the tube. (Pat.Pend.) The tube expands due tothe ring as shown until the outside diameter of thetube exceeds the hole diameter of the nut preventingfrom a possibility of coming off. By tightening nut,the tube will be sandwiched between the taperedpart of the main body and the inside ring ensuringan excellent sealing effect. 20A Series is the sister model of 20 Series and theirapplicable tube size are φ3/8"-φ1". Though thebody and nut are interchangeable, the rings areslightly different from those of 20 Series in size andshape except the internal diameter. 20A Series can be used by only replacing the part ofthe insertion tool for 20 series (the ring attachment). This series has less fluid trapping than 20 Series.

  • Inner-ring type
  • Will Not come off
  • Ease of Removing and mounting allows repeated use
  • Compact design
  • Maximum working temperature : 200℃
  • pplicable tube size:φ3mm-φ25mm,φ1/4″-φ1″
Ring Insertion tool

A special tool is required to insert a ring into the tube of fluorocarbon resin Tube Fitting 20,20A Series. There are two types of ring insertion tools, the standard lever type and the simplified handy type. 20A Series have a flare attachment to flare the tube end before inserting the ring.
Lever Type...The lever type ring insertion tool permits easy even mounting of rings.
Handy Type...The handy type ring insertion tool utilizes a heating gun to warm a tube and insert a ring into it. This model of the ring insertion tool is especially effective where short tubing is used or where work areas are limited.

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