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Introduction to the products of Flowell Corporation
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70 Series

[New weld system]
PFA tube is inserted into the fitting, and melted by heating from the periphery,"insertion, weld all around" developed. In comparison with conventional butt weld fittings, weld area is wide and thick, so improved mechanical strength. In addition, misalignment of the tube and fitting will not occur because the insertion method.
[Flat weld inner surface that fluid flowing smoothly]
"Bead-free" is suppressing to the inner beads that occurs in the conventional butt weld fittings. Reduce stress to the fluid because kept to a minimum of steps and gaps in the pipe that is factors in bubbles and fluid reservoir.
[Lightweight and compact]
70 series fittings are very small compared to conventional mechanical fittings, so you can achieve weight reduction of piping and plumbing integration in small spaces.

  • Insert Welding Type
  • Maximum working temperature : 200℃
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Welding Machine

[Reliable weld]
We are ready to exclusive fully automatic welding equipment, so anyone can weld reliably with one button.There is no variation by worker; even beginners can work with confidence. In addition, the welding jig is equipped fluorine gas adsorption filters.
[Realization of a small work space]
Welding machines are portable size consisting of the heating heads and the power unit, so weld at apparatus now possible that was impossible by conventional method.

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