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Introduction to the products of Flowell Corporation
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80 Series

[Maximum operating temperature of 230℃]
The 80 series is made up of flare-type hybrid tube fittings that make use of an inner ring. A ring is inserted into the inner diameter of the flared tube to enhance both pull-out and leak resistance. This helped to achieve a maximum operating temperature of 230℃, the first in the industry.
[Does not leak]
The 80 series has a special flare structure. The maximum stress is concentrated at the end to realize a structure that is leak-resistant and hard to penetrate. The area that is subject to stress is sufficiently wide, which enhances the stability of the sealing performance.
[No accumulation]
Under the special flare structure, the inner portion of the end is trimmed significantly such that the flare end becomes flat when the nut is tightened.
Doing so creates a structure that does not accumulate contaminants, while improving the liquid displacement characteristics. At the same time, pressure loss is reduced with the flat inner diameter.
ith the threaded part on the outer circumference of the tube, the 80 series realizes a compact size that is up to 36% smaller than that of the 60 series.
[Mounting hole]
Piping can be easily fastened in place with the mounting hole on the tube fitting body.

    Exclusive tool

    [Easy assembly]
    Assembly is easy with the use of a special jig. With a ring inserted into the tube to maintain the shape of the flared tube, assembly can be performed more easily compared to conventional flared tube fittings.

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